Martina Kudláček © Joe Menkevich

"Fragments of Kubelka" by Martina Kudláček

DVD Publication (available from March 23, 2014)

In conjunction with its Tribute to Peter Kubelka, the Austrian Film Museum will release Martina Kudláček's award-winning 4-hour documentary, Fragments of Kubelka (2012) on DVD for the first time. After completing magnificent film portraits of Alexander Hackenschmied, Maya Deren, and Marie Menken, Kudláček once again displays her talent for subtle yet insistent observation (or reconstruction) of an iconic figure of international avant-garde cinema. Peter Kubelka's life work, and his "performative" method of embracing and penetrating the world of nature and culture alike, led Kudláček towards a highly flexible narrative form: the patient casting of a wide historical net and the crystalline condensation of knowledge in fractions of a second are equally valid elements of her Approach.


The 2-disc DVD presents the film in the original English-language version without subtitles, according to Kubelka's concept of unadulterated film presentation: the work remains untouched by added space for text – and contradicts the notion that an image-sound-speech-event can be translated without loss.


Projects in the framework of the Film Museum's 50th anniversary are supported by the Austrian Film Institute, the City of Vienna and the Austrian Federal Chancellery.