Zastava Il'iča (Mne dvadcat' let) (Ich bin zwanzig Jahre alt), 1963, Marlen Chuciev

Zoom Arrière – Special 50 Ans,
Toulouse: The Utopia of Film

April 4 to 12, 2014 | Film Festival Series

The Cinémathèque de Toulouse, one of the beacons of French film culture and cinephilia, was founded by Raymond Borde in 1964, the year when the Austrian Film Museum also began its activities. In 2014 the film festival Zoom Arrière, which the Cinémathèque has been organizing on an annual basis, takes place under the motto Special 50 Ans. For one of the three large festival sections, the sister institution in Vienna was invited to serve as a "guest curator". Alexander Horwath will present the Toulouse audiences with a ten-part program dedicated to The Utopia of Film – a notion of curatorship in which all forms and genres of filmmaking, past and present, can play their role in elucidating the ties, networks and also the necessary ruptures between cinema and history, between the aesthetical and the social sphere.


Introduction by Alexander Horwath (PDF, in english)

Program Notes (PDF, in english)


Projects in the framework of the Film Museum's 50th anniversary are supported by the Austrian Film Institute, the City of Vienna and the Austrian Federal Chancellery.