The Austrian Film Museum presents film works principally in the form of analog film projections and is committed to locating prints in their original format (35mm and 16mm). Video and digitally-produced works as well as Television productions are screened either on video or digitally as required. Exceptions are noted where appropriate.
Vildfåglar, 1956, Alf Sjöberg (Photo: Svenska Filminstitutet)
February 24 to March 6, 2017

Alf Sjöberg

Even though Alf Sjöberg is now largely forgotten, having been driven out of film history by his student Ingmar Bergman, in the mid-twentieth century he was one of the world's most significant filmmakers. In the first Austrian Sjöberg retrospective, the Film Museum will show a selection of works. [...]
Blonde Venus, 1932, Josef von Sternberg
February 10 to March 9, 2017

Lubitsch, Sternberg and Co.

Authorship in Hollywood, 1930–34
In the course of a large-scale reappraisal of early sound cinema in the U.S., the Austrian Film Museum presents eight key auteurs from the era before the major studios implemented their rigid system of self-censorship: the Production Code. Whereas the first part of the project focused on the genius of the system (exemplified by the Warner Bros. output), the current program investigates the opportunities that the permissive atmosphere at the beginning of the turbulent thirties offered to several individualist filmmakers. The spectrum ranges from classics such as Josef von Sternberg's films with Marlene Dietrich and Ernst Lubitsch's sophisticated sex comedies to stunning rediscoveries of later decades. These include pioneer director Dorothy Arzner as well as the mysterious Rowland Brown. [...]
From the Notebook of …, 1971/98, Robert Beavers © R. Beavers
March 8 and 9, 2017

Robert Beavers – In Person

On March 8 and 9 the Film Museum will stage another encounter with the electrifying films of Robert Beavers, with the launch of the first book dedicated to his work. The screenings will take place in the presence of Robert Beavers. [...]
Der Verlorene, 1951, Peter Lorre (Fotograf: Fritz Schwennicke)

BRD Noir

March 10 to April 2, 2017
One of the most exciting rediscoveries from the treasure troves of film history is currently aimed at the cinema of the young Federal Republic of Germany. The Austrian Film Museum will look at the enormous impact of film noir on the cinema of West Germany. [...]