In person: Jean-Marie Straub

Recording Date: (October 19, 2004)
Original Format: Betacam SP

In October 2004, the Film Museum and the Viennale presented the first complete retrospective of the work of highly individual filmmaking duo Jean-Marie Straub (*1933; †2022) and Danièle Huillet (*1936; †2006) in Austria. The retrospective program was augmented by a selection of films by classical Hollywood director John Ford, personally chosen by Straub-Huillet. In an accompanying round table discussion, Straub-Huillet were joined by American film critic Tag Gallagher, Godard collaborator Jean-Pierre Gorin and German filmmaker Hartmut Bitomsky to discuss the parallels between the very disparate auteurs. (In German)


Courtesy of the Viennale Vienna International Film Festival & ZONE Media GmbH