Fuchs im Bau, 2020, Arman T. Riahi


Fuchs im Bau (Fox in a Hole)

AT 2020

Age 15 plus
In Austria, anyone age 14 and up can be sent to prison for serious enough crimes. This may be widely known, but who has ever thought about how and if young criminals in prison (continue to) go to school? This is the starting point for Fuchs im Bau: the interaction between the repression of being locked up and education's aspiration to create mature individuals. A gritty film that shows people who can be both the best and wort versions of themselves. A film that does not tell every story to its end or let every character explain where they come from, but that, in its best moments, shows people together in a room who must somehow make do with themselves, each other, and the system. (S.H.)

The screening (103 min) will be followed by a discussion with director Arman T. Riahi.