The Exquisite Corpus, 2015, Peter Tscherkassky

In the Studio of ...

Peter Tscherkassky

The Exquisite Corpus (AT 2015)

Age 16 plus
Peter Tscherkassky's films are bringing together the phenomena on screen with the film material that is their origin. His latest work The Exquisite Corpus is based on the surrealist cut-up technique. Taking as his starting point a variety of sources he builds an ecstatic, erotic and overflowing dream where film dreams about itself. In hiw own words: "Composition it its original meaning: parts, put together". "In the Studio of..." will introduce the filmmaker's compositional techniques and discuss his latest work in the context of early films.

Peter Tscherkassky, born 1958 in Vienna, has been making films since 1979. Having begun on Super-8 has worked on 35mm in the context of his found footage works which are made in the darkroom. He is one of Austria's most important and succesful Avant-garde filmmakers and writes, teaches and curates in a variety of contexts.