Zelig, 1983, Woody Allen



Woody Allen (US 1983)

Age 15 plus
In the first half of the 20th century the extraordinary talent of Leonard Zelig is fascinating science and public alike: The "human chameleon" is able to adapt to people around him, physically and intellectually. When psychoanalyst Dr Eudora Fletcher is discovering that this talent is rooted in an early childhood neurosis, she's trying to cure Zelig from his curse. Woody Allen's maybe most experimental work is not just an allegory about adaption and individualism. By using the form of a documentary for his fictitious story he is both dissection his character's authenticity as well as the one of the filmic medium – a highly reflective and witty work of art.
The screening (D: Woody Allen, 79 min) in original language will be followed by a 60-minute analysis of chosen sequences.