Hernals, 1967, Hans Scheugl

Hernals (1967)

A Film by Hans Scheugl. 35mm & DCP, color, 11 min

A key work in the oeuvre of Austrian filmmaker, writer and cultural historian Hans Scheugl: Hernals, shot on Kodachrome stock with its distinctive, rich colours, welds time and space in a manner uniquely befitting the medium of film. Using fragmentation, repetition and frequent breaks in the linear timeline, the film rearranges the Viennese workers' district of Hernals. VALIE EXPORT and Peter Weibel, two of Scheugl's fellow artists from Vienna's avant-garde scene of the 1960s, appear as the attractive and pugnacious couple in a suburban supermarket.

Digitally restored in 3K from the 16mm reversal original. Missing frames have been added from a 16mm ComMag print, originally struck in 1996, which was scanned by La Camera Ottica (Gorizia) in 2K. The separate 16mm magnetic soundtrack master was digitized at La Camera Ottica and subsequently restored by the Film Museum. The restoration has produced a 35mm preservation internegative, a 35mm print and a DCP for digital cinema screenings.

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