Zastava Il'iča (Mne dvadcat' let) (Ich bin zwanzig Jahre alt), 1963, Marlen Chuciev

"Three Songs About Lenin" by Dziga Vertov
and a Film by Peter Konlechner

DVD Publication (available from November, 2014)

Following the release of Dziga Vertov's Enthusiasm, A Sixth Part of the World and The Eleventh Year, the Film Museum will publish its next DVD with works by Vertov in November 2014 – shining a light on the Museum’s important "Dziga Vertov Collection" and the decades-long effort to return this artist to his rightful place in the history of modernism. The focus of the new DVD is Vertov's tribute to the founder of the Soviet Union, completed ten years after Lenin's death: Three Songs About Lenin (Tri pesni o Lenine, 1934). Next to Man With a Movie Camera, this is Vertov's best known film internationally and his most esteemed work in Russia. 


The DVD presents the film in the "final version" – meaning both the sound and silent versions authorized by Vertov for (re-)release in 1938. In addition, this set contains the documentary Dziga Vertov, directed by Film Museum co-founder Peter Konlechner for German television. Konlechner's only directorial effort was completed in 1974 as part of the extensive Vertov exhibition at the Albertina and the Film Museum. As a special bonus, the DVD includes two of Vertov's major newsreels, both related to Lenin: Kinopravda No. 21 (in a longer version, reconstructed by the Munich Film Museum) and Kinopravda No. 22.


An 2-disc DVD release by Edition Filmmuseum.


Projects in the framework of the Film Museum's 50th anniversary are supported by the Austrian Film Institute, the City of Vienna and the Austrian Federal Chancellery.