Expedicion Giró, 1965, Gustavo Giró (Foto: Museo del Cine Pablo Ducros Hicken)

FIAF-Kurzfilmprogramm 1: Silent Treasures

The Story of the Kelly Gang (1906) von Charles Tait. 35mm, sw, 16 min (Engl. ZT*)
Narikin (Sanji Goto) (1921) von Harry Williams, Thomas Kurihara (Kurihara Kisaburō). 35mm (von 16mm), sw, ca. 34 min (Engl. ZTmjapU**)
Galeria cinematografica infantil (Filmisches Kinderalbum) (ca. 1927) von Domingo Mauricio Filippini. DCP (von 35mm), sw, 12 min***
Expedicion Giró (1965) von Gustavo Giró. DCP (von 16mm), Farbe, 17 min***

Die australische Produktion The Story of the Kelly Gang über den legendären Banditen Ned Kelly gilt als erster abendfüllender Spielfilm der Kinogeschichte. Bis 1975 galt er als verschollen, dann tauchten verschiedene Fragmente auf, sodass zum 100. Jubiläum etwa ein Viertel des Originals restauriert werden konnte. Narikin war einer der ersten japanischen Stummfilme für den Übersee-Markt (vor allem Emigranten in die USA). Erst 1986 wurde er wiederentdeckt, als das MoMA dem National Film Archive of Japan eine überlebende Kopie schenkte. Galeria cinematografica infantil und Expedicion Giró sind zwei besondere Fundstücke vom Museo del Cine in Buenos Aires: eine Serie von Kinderporträts des für sein Fotostudio berühmten Kinopioniers Domingo Mauricio Filippini und atemberaubende Farbaufnahmen von einer argentinischen Expedition zum Südpol.
Am Klavier: Elaine Loebenstein
* Courtesy of National Film and Sound Archive of Australia
** Courtesy of National Film Archive of Japan
*** Courtesy of Museo del Cine Pablo Ducros Hicken
Stories from the archives: The 2006 restoration of The Story of the Kelly Gang provided an opportunity to reassess the film as well as its significance in Australian and global cinema history. Thanks to good relations with the BFI/NFTVA, the insertion of a newly found segment was possible. Everything was matched against contemporary documents, photographs and eyewitness accounts to ensure authenticity: the film is now closer to the original than ever before. // Sanji Goto: In 1986, when the National Film Center (the precursor to National Film Archive of Japan) hosted a MoMA film program, we had the pleasure of receiving Eileen Bowser as a guest. When I met her at Narita Airport, she handed me a can of 16mm film, saying: "This is a surviving print of a Japanese film called Sanji Goto and it is a gift from MoMA as a FIAF member." Later on, we learned that the film's original title was Narikin (literally "upstart"). One of the first Japanese silent films made specifically for the overseas market (in particular Japanese immigrants in the US), it had been lost and all but forgotten in its country of origin until that moment. // Galeria cinematografica infantil: The Filippini family was very well known in La Pampa, Argentina, as the owners of a long-standing photographic studio "Foto Filippini." Though most of the inhabitants of the small town of General Pico had family pictures taken there, few know that Domingo Mauricio Filippini (1885–1973) was also a pioneer film artist and one of the first directors to shoot films outside Buenos Aires. Galeria cinematografica infantil is a 13-minute film that connects both photographic and cinematic worlds as about a hundred children pose in front of the camera. We see babies, teens, pets, dancing, kissing, playing – a veritable catalogue of portraits. The gap between Filippini the photographer and Filippini the filmmaker seems to close in this little film dedicated to the minimal, innocent gesture of movement. // Expedicion Giró: Inspired by the Argentine Antarctic explorer José Manuel Moneta, Captain Gustavo Giró decided to continue his military career in Antarctica. In 1965 he was a member of the first Argentine group to reach the South Pole. In the preceding months, they had organized several expeditions looking for the best route and training sled dogs. Also, as it happened during WW2, they trained the dogs to jump out of planes making them, perhaps the first parachuting dogs in Antarctic history. Giró registered everything on 16mm Kodak reversal color film stock with an amazing eye for detail and beauty.