on the margins : the city 2

Vienna in Private Films
Phase 2: Per-Albin-Hansson Siedlung and Großfeldsiedlung


The project On the Margins : The City goes into a second round in 2019. Our goal remains to collect, show and preserve private films and videos that literally or metaphorically depict the city of Vienna on/from the margins. Under the artistic direction of Gustav Deutsch and Hanna Schimek, the project addresses the following questions:

- Clichés and representative images aside, how do inhabitants see their city?
- How is Vienna appraised on and from the margins?
- How do these perspectives on the city show in older and contemporary private films?
- How do different generations see the city?
- What kind of image do people of different origins have of the city?
We are looking for private films made during the past decades as well as more recent film recordings of Vienna in both analog and digital formats: moving images of everyday situations and special moments, of spare time and activism, of political events and working life.
These precious film documents need to be preserved for future generations. They will be treated as subjects of research and systematic archiving in accordance with their filmic, political and social aspects.
Bring your films to the Austrian Film Museum!
Analog formats we are looking for: 8mm films, Super 8mm, videos
Digital formats we are looking for: films shot on cell phones, social media uploads
This year, the Film Museum will once again be on locations in neighborhoods that play a vital role in the development of the city: Großfeldsiedlung/Floridsdorf and Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung/Favoriten. With last year's locations, Sandleiten/Ottakring and Seestadt/Aspern in mind, these bring the project to a historical and topographical full circle.
In cooperation with local partners, we will show films and place them in relation to one another. This will include a wandering cinema showing film programs, workshops with children and young people as well as projects with local groups, all aimed at opening and encouraging new filmic possibilities and broadening the views of the urban life we all share. Together, we will make private filmmaking an important part of the city's living history.
Project timeline
January to December 2019

Event periods
September 19 to 28, 2019 | Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung/Favoriten > Program
November 14 to 22, 2019 | Großfeldsiedlung/Floridsdorf > Program
Austrian Film Museum
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On the Margins : The City is supported by the cultural grant SHIFT III of the city of Vienna.