Les Quatre cents coups, 1959, François Truffaut

The Aesthetics of Film and Childhood

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The Film Museum is part of a research project based at at the University of Bremen which was launched in 2016.

The Aesthetics of Film and Childhood is financed by the German Research Foundation and is interested in the specific aesthetic qualities that the presence of children brings into a film: How is childhood portrayed and how do films try to give us an idea of the experience of childhood?

A first open presentation of the project, which is led by Dr. Bettina Henzler, was the 21. Film Symposium in Bremen, in August of 2016 the Summer School of the Film Museum was also conceptualized in proximity to the topics of the project. In the context of our Focus on Film educational program, Alejandro Bachmann and Stefan Huber will watch films with child protagonists with a class of children. The films will be discussed to get an idea of their perception of these films and will be analysed in depth in a second session. The experiences as well as the teaching concepts applied will later be published on the project homepage to give interested teachers an insight how one can work with film in educational contexts.